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Our Story.

Language Confidence was started when Nick was teaching English in China in 2016. He was frustrated that his students couldn’t practise speaking at home and get accurate feedback when they could easily get feedback on other aspects of English like spelling and grammar. This is where the idea for LCAT was born: a tool that allowed ‘teacherless’ and accurate speaking practise.


Nick then spent 2 years travelling the world and visiting the world’s largest language education companies and learning about their students. In parallel, he also educated himself on AI and speech recognition and designed LCAT with a team from MIT, Google and Facebook.


The business has seen success and growth since late 2019 by partnering with some of the world’s largest language platforms. Language Confidence’s LCAT is the world’s most powerful AI tool for learning English pronunciation.


Our technology supports multiple accents, delivers the most specific feedback on the market, and natively recognizes over 10,000 most commonly spoken words in English. We help support the world’s top English-language brands.

Our People.

Nicholas Jenkins

CEO, Founder

Language Confidence is Nick’s third startup, with 1 exit and 1 failure. His passion for education stems from a family of educators. Nick has lived in China, Singapore, Malaysia and London and speaks English and intermediate Mandarin. Nick has a TESOL qualification and was an English teacher in China between his second startup and Language Confidence. 

Swahn Fraye

CTO, Co-Founder

Swahn completed an undergraduate in computer science and multimedia. Swahn is ex-Atlassian and a self-taught whizz at anything AI, infrastructure and audio technologies. Swahn loves fishing and is originally from New Caledonia and speaks fluent French and English.

Marco Sentinelli

Chief Operating Officer

Marco has been living and working in more than 10 different countries; has launched 2 start-ups, spent almost 20 years in corporates and SMEs, up to CEO and CMO positions; he held teaching positions at Universities and he is a published author. Marco loves diving and football; he is originally from Italy and speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and few other basic level languages.


Vishal Kumar

Vice President – Sales, India & South, Asia

Meet the guy who loves making education go viral – Vishal Kumar!
Vishal has a shared passion for education and IT, stemming from a life-long obsession with offering training solutions with modern technology. Vishal has a successful track record of driving brand growth, delivering financial performance and maximising operational excellence, as seen by the past 22 years of professional success in multiple MNCs.

He has excelled in many executive positions including Training Head (India), Director, Vice President positions by scaling and optimising business portfolios, delivering key outcomes, building world-class sales/product teams and rapid adaption to changing environments. Vishal loves reading and travelling as much as he can and his favourite saying is, as any true biker would say, “Just start off and then the adventure carries you away”.


Jeffrey Wardman

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Jeffrey is an ML scientist/engineer with over five years of experience in research and startup environments, working in astrodynamics, medical imaging and now language teaching. He loves football and being around the ocean.

Abby del Castillo

Machine Learning Engineer

Abby has worked with several startups in the past focusing on the development of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing applications. She volunteers in teaching Python and Scratch to students and speaks in tech events to talk about AI. Abby currently resides in the Philippines and can speak both Filipino and English. She’d love to travel the world someday to meet new people and learn more about their culture.

Rishabh Choudhary

Machine Learning Engineer

Rishabh graduated with a Master’s in Information Technology from the University of New South Wales. He’s passionate about solving real-world problems using artificial intelligence that creates a positive impact on society. He is a die-hard Manchester United fan and would love to see them play in real life. He is a big sucker for good movies or tv series and is constantly on the lookout for some good content. As a stress-buster activity, he likes to do yoga and go for long walks and can speak fluent English and Hindi.

Bac Nguyen

Machine Learning Engineer

Bac joins LC as a physicist-turned Machine Learning Engineer. He believes education is the best path to reduce human suffering and learning English is the very first step. He spends his time enjoying a nomadic lifestyle in Southern Vietnam, moving between the mountains and coast to follow the cool seasons. In his spare time Bac meditates, reads and learns about science.


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